Offering more than 500 products covering all formulations (Tablets, Capsules, soft gelatine capsule, syrups, injectable, Soap, lotion, Powder, Sachets, Pre-filled Syringes etc.) and covering all area (medicine, gynaecology, dermatology, cardiology etc.) The Company is backed by a team of professional’s takes complete responsibilities & dedication in Human Health Care.

The company manufacture its products in an excise free zone. We offer products on monopoly basis to our business associate nationwide. With a wide product range, we have business associates in almost every state. After years of satisfaction, trust, and support of our customers, the group has established itself as the strong brand in the market. We offer monopoly products in best packing with unique promotional material. Astalabs will develop through a management where new ideas are encouraged and conventional thinking is challenged, and where new products and market are ever born in harmony with the increasingly sophisticated desire and requirements of the human life. We enjoy an excellent credibility among our esteemed customers, stockist, distributor, who knows that our Experience, Expertise and Enterprise are always at their disposal. An unflinching commitment to quality is our promise to you. We are able to guarantee that our products meet the highest quality parameters that you expect from us.

We not only make products that our customers want, but we also develop new and innovative products for our customer’s future needs. “You make a wish and we make it happen,” we will strive to research, develop, manufacture, and deliver products as quickly as possible.

Products and services will be developed to the highest standards and quality to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our dream is to share the small gifts from everyday life with people the world over. We are committed to being on innovate, development focused company that contributes to society, builds lasting relationships with customers, and exceeds all expectations in customer satisfaction. We endeavour to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry with emphasis on efficiency in operations, reliability for customers, affordable prices, timely delivery and thrust on the introduction of new molecules in the marketplace. Our core strength lies in our dream to help people live longer and healthier lives. In pursuit of this concern, we are primarily focusing on creating new value and benefiting to the enrichment of society through our business.

As members of the Astalabs, we will carry out our purpose to realize our mission and contribute to society by consciously putting into practice the following beliefs and principles.

Our Vision To be among the world’s most trusted brands in Pharmaceuticals Industry and positively impact the health of one billion lives across the globe by 2030. Our Company wish to bring positive change in global healthcare with its innovative healthcare products.

Astalabs aims to become:
A multinational company, driven by research and development, which leads the world through its unique strengths. A company with highly integrated global operations. A company that meets the needs of people around the world through superior products and services. A company that grows together with its shareholders and other stakeholders while developing a strong identity as a good corporate citizen. An energetic company that attracts and retains well-qualified personnel from all over the world.


As members of the Astalabs, we will carry out our purpose to realize our mission and contribute to society by consciously putting into practice the following beliefs and principles.


We dedicate ourselves to the highest ethical standars.


We discover new potential, making the most of our ingenuity.


We pursue individual growth, always pushing ourseleves further.


We act as a team, developing ties of mutual trust and respect.


Working closely with the medical profession, the Astalabs contributes to the health of individuals and to the progress of medicine by adhering to our mission of creating superior pharmaceutical products and offering top-quality services.

To more effectively achieve our goals and mission, we pledge to apply all our assets, both fiscal and intellectual, to realizing even greater possibilities with new pharmaceutical products, concentrating on our pharmaceuticals business, and enhancing the lives and health of individuals.

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